Atsuma Town, Hokkaido

Atsuma Town, Hokkaido (2015-2017)

The Number of Tree Planting 3
Trees were planted 17,000
Number of volunteers 1,850

The town of Atsuma is full of green with woodlands covering seventy percent of the town area. There is beautiful rural scenery all throughout the town with the Atsuma River flowing through the center. Trees will be planted at sites where leisure facilities used to exist upstream the Atsuma River, which has significantly lost its groundwater recharging capabilities, in order to restore the functions that the woodlands originally possessed and stably secure water resources, which are crucial for the key industry of farming, and particularly rice cultivation.

The 3rd time

Date July 1, 2017 Sat
Trees were planted 5,600
Number of volunteers 700

The 2nd time

Date July 2, 2016 Sat
Trees were planted 6,000
Number of volunteers 600

The 1st time

Date June 13(Sat.) 2015
Trees were planted 5,400
Number of volunteers 530