Miyamanomori, Osaka Prefecture (2007, 2009)

The Number of Tree Planting 2
Trees were planted 2,200
Number of volunteers 422

Traditional terraced rice fields span the vista at the Miyama region of Ibaraki City, which is also the location of one of the few woodlands remaining in the prefecture. Due to the woods being neglected, the uncontrolled growth of unkept trees is causing the landscape to lose its charm. By planting broad leaf trees comprised mainly of an indigenous species of cherry tree called Edohigan, we hope that the picturesque woodlands will return.

The 2nd time

Date March 28 (Sat.) 2009
Trees were planted 200
Number of volunteers

The 1st time

Date Sep 29 (Sat.) 2007
Trees were planted 2,000
Number of volunteers 422