Okazaki City Ooda Forest Tree Planting (2007-2009)

The Number of Tree Planting 3
Trees were planted 2,000
Number of volunteers 1,608

The precursor of the AEON group, Okadaya, planted 700 Cherry trees along Otogawa river when it opened up its first store outside the prefecture in 1965, and that spot has now grown into a spot famous for cherry-blossom viewing. This time, we have agreed to participate in the creation of another famous cherry blossom location asked for by the local residents, and on March 11, 2007, the first year of the program, 469 volunteers (320 from AEON, 149 Okazaki citizens) planted 800 wild cherry trees. The 2008 planting will be held on March 15 (Saturday).

The 3rd time

Date March 15 (Sun.) 2009
Trees were planted 600
Number of volunteers 694
(370 from AEON, 324 from Okazaki city)

The 2nd time

Date March 22 (Sun) 2008
Trees were planted 600
Number of volunteers 445
(276 from AEON, 169 from Okazaki city)

The 1st time

Date March 11 (Sat.) 2007
Trees were planted 800
Number of volunteers 469
(320 from AEON, 149 from Okazaki city)