Takeda City, Oita Prefecture

Takeda City, Oita Prefecture (2016-2018)

The Number of Tree Planting 3
Trees were planted 23,300
Number of volunteers 1,900

The famous waters welling up from the nature-filled mountains surrounding Taketa City support the lives of the many people living downstream. We will plant trees so that this magnificent natural blessing may be passed on to the next generation, as well as for forest watershed and natural disaster prevention.

*Watershed functions: Stores rainwater in the forest soil and levels the amount of water that flows into rivers and lakes to prevent flooding and water shortages.

The 3rd time

Date November 10, 2018 Sat
Trees were planted 9,500
Number of volunteers 800

The 2nd time

Date November 11, 2017 Sat
Trees were planted 6,400
Number of volunteers 500

The 1st time

Date October 15, 2016 Sat
Trees were planted 7,400
Number of volunteers 600