Tottori Tree Planting (2007-2009)

The Number of Tree Planting 3
Trees were planted 11,668
Number of volunteers 1,056

Tottori Prefecture is implementing the “Tottori Kyosei-no-Mori” project together with local communities to act as a bridge between woodland owners and enterprises. The woods in the area of Tsunoi, where trees are to be planted, are infested with rapidly propagating weeds including kudzu. By weeding and mowing the area while planting trees, this 5-year program will help to restore the woodlands.

The 3rd time

Date MAY 10 (Sun.) 2009
Trees were planted 3,460
Number of volunteers 319

The 2nd time

Date May 11 (Sun.) 2008
Trees were planted 4,889
Number of volunteers 380
(246 from AEON, 134 from Tottori city)

The 1st time

Date May 6 (Sun.) 2007
Trees were planted 3,320
Number of volunteers 357
(260 from AEON, 80 from Okazaki city, 17 from The day's participation)