Watari Town, Miyagi Prefecture

Watari Town, Miyagi Prefecture

The Number of Tree Planting 3
Trees were planted 44,500
Number of volunteers 3,100

The forest located along the coast that once served as protection from disasters was swept away in the tsunami after the Great East Japan Earthquake, leading to unprecedented damages. As an advocate of the Minna no Morizukuri: Miyagi Coastal Forest Restoration Project, we are working to restore protective coast forests which defend the local community from disasters and seek to return the coast to a verdant state.

The 3rd time

Date October 6, 2018 Sat
Trees were planted 16,500
Number of volunteers 1,000

The 2nd time

Date October 7, 2017 Sat
Trees were planted 15,000
Number of volunteers 1,000

The 1st time

Date October 1, 2016 Sat
Trees were planted 13,000
Number of volunteers 1,100