Beijing Miyun, China

Beijing Miyun, China (2016-)

The Number of Tree Planting 2
Trees were planted 15,500
Number of volunteers 1,600

The Miyun District is located in northeast Beijing and is home of the Miyun Dam, which is the largest dam in northern China, that supplies two-thirds of Beijing’s water. In 2015, together with the Beijing People’s Government, we carried out tree planting based on the AEON Beijing Environmental Proposal for promoting tree planting and environmental education. This tree planting is carried out to protect water resources.

The 2nd time

Date April 28, 2018 Sat
Trees were planted 8,000
Number of volunteers 800
(200 Japanese , 600 Chinese)

The 1st time

Date October 15, 2016 Sat
Trees were planted 7,500
Number of volunteers 800