"Mori no Kuni Nippon" Movement, Masters of the Forest Event Convened

The "Mori no Kuni Nippon" movement to widely promote the importance of safeguarding and nurturing the forest, and harnessing its bountiful nature in a sustainable cycle. As part of this, we held the "Masters of the Forest" event in conjunction with the National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization. Through live demonstrations and invaluable photos of loggers, falconers, charcoal makers and craftsmen, the event introduced the advanced skill and know-how of these people as well as the wonders of living in harmony with the forest. By implementing the "Masters of the Forest" program at 10 shopping centers nationwide in 2003, we contributed to raising awareness towards forest preservation and environmental protection among the general population.

Dates and Locations (in 2003)

May 16 (Fri)May 20 (Tue) AEON Narita (Chiba Prefecture)
July 18 (Fri)July 22 (Tue) AEON Kochi (Kochi Prefecture)
July 25 (Fri)July 29 (Tue) AEON Kurashiki (Okayama Prefecture)
August 1 (Fri)August 5 (Tue) Diamond City Carat (Saitama Prefecture)
August 29 (Fri)September 2 (Tue) AEON Suzuka (Mie Prefecture)
September 5 (Fri)September 9 (Tue) AEON Higashiura (Aichi Prefecture)
September 12 (Fri)September 16 (Tue) AEON Sapporo Hiraoka (Hokkaido)
September 26 (Fri)September 30 (Tue) AEON Tomiya (Miyagi Prefecture)
October 24 (Fri)October 28 (Tue) AEON Takaoka (Toyama Prefecture)
October 31 (Fri)November 4 (Tue) JUSCO Saga Yamato (Saga Prefecture)