Collaboration with UniversityCollaboration with University

Collaboration with Tokyo University

In collaboration with the University of Tokyo Institute for Future Initiatives and the international research organization Future Earth, this forum has been held since 2017 under the theme of “Issues about the future to share with future generations today.”

AEON Future Earth Forum

Collaboration with Waseda University

In 2020, we established the AEON TOWA Research Center in cooperation with Waseda University in order to solve current environmental issues. By combining the experience, knowledge and academic research of both the Foundation and Waseda University, we aim to create new values through addressing regional issues, including the environment, as well as developing human resources, with the goal of achieving a sustainable society.

*TO in TOWA stands for Takuya Okada, the honorary chairman of AEON who proposed the establishment of the research center; WA stands for Waseda University; and TOWA in Japanese stands for “eternity,” which is the Latin meaning of the word AEON.

Main collaboration activities

Creation of forests Activities of planting, nurturing trees and making use of forest resources that consider the environment, traditions and culture of local areas.
Development of regions Developing sustainable regions with integrated environment, economy and society, through forest creation.
Development of human resources Developing globally active environmental leaders of the next generation.

Collaboration with Tohoku University

With the aim of building a safe and secure resilient community amid various risks such as natural disasters, global climate change, and large-scale infectious diseases, we are planning activities that will include participation of local residents, focusing on disaster prevention and mitigation, forest design, and countermeasures for infectious diseases.

Main activities

~ Toward building resilient community ~

Disaster prevention and mitigation

・New initiatives such as building a BCP system and smart community based on a carbon-free society.

・Actions to support local residents and guests in the case of a disaster.

・Workshops with Tohoku University students, etc.

Forest design

・Greening programs to grow and make use of local tree species that are most suitable for the local natural environment.

・Workshops with Tohoku University students, etc.

Countermeasures for infectious diseases
(health care)

・Measures to prevent the spread of infection in facilities
*Review of building specifications and support for air conditioning systems, etc.

・Initiatives for software measures such as disseminating information on infection prevention using IT.