FROM Japanese

We introduce Japanese words about nature that have been traditionally
used and propose ideas about biodiversity based on Japanese-style thinking.

Column list in 2015

  • 30/10/2015

     An ingenious serving bowl which allows multipurpose use in our daily life is called an ikki-tayou (a multi-use bowl). In Japan, there are several multi-use livingwares. Chopsticks play several roles.
  • 07/08/2015

     Like family names which we naturally have, each Japanese family has its own kamon (crest). Kamon are like crests, and represents family trees or lineages.
  • 01/06/2015

     Origami (paper folding) - enables the creation of diverse things such as plants, birds, animals or commodities through folding a sheet of paper into a triangle or a square shape.
  • 26/03/2015

     Household registration, copying sutras, ceremonies, events, Japanese calligraphy, Japanese style paintings, shoji...