The MIDORI Prize for Biodiversity –List of News-

The MIDORI Prize for Biodiversity 2010 Winners Forum

The Winners Forum was held at Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan on October 29, 2010. The program aimed to deepen our consideration about what we can do for global environment protection and sustainable development.

Mr. Jean Lemire screened his film about the Antarctic Expedition and explained about the marine biodiversity and global warming which has serious effects on biodiversity. He mentioned that he would raise awareness about the environmental issues faced by the earth through carrying out duties as the Honorary Ambassador for The Green Wave.

Dr. Gretchen C. Daily outlined the importance of valuing ecosystem service by introducing Integrated Valuation of Ecosystem Service Tool (InVEST) and The Natural Capital Project. She insisted that it would be important to consider the ecosystem service from multidisciplinary and long-term perspectives.

Dr. Emil Salim mentioned that using local wisdom with science and technology and living in harmony with nature are necessary in order to pass on the precious earth to the future generations. He concluded that it would be essential to shift the paradigm in development and to meet the global challenges such as climate change, biodiversity and Millenium Development Goals from social, ecological and economical perspectives.


Presentation Titles

  • Don't Forget: Biodiversity is Our Life / Jean Lemine
  • Conservation and Development for the 21st Century: Harmonizing People and Nature / Gretchen C. Daily
  • Prosperity through Diversity / Emil Salim


*Titles used in this page are as of October 2010.