Takeda, Jun-ichi (Jun-ichi Takeda, Japan)

Takeda, Jun-ichi (Jun-ichi Takeda, Japan)

Secretary General of Support Center for Rural Communities, Tokyo University of Agriculture

Mr. Takeda was born in Tokyo, Japan and graduated from the Faculty of Law, Chuo University. Following service at a financial institution, a UK think-tank for technology development and a NPO, now Mr. Takeda holds several positions including Secretary General of the Support Center for Rural Communities, Tokyo University of Agriculture; Head of Secretariat, Mori-sato-kawa-umi Nariwai Institute and Satochi Network; Director of Environmental Partnership Council; Director of Network for Coexistence with Nature; and Lecturer of Chuo University. He also serves as an evangelist for regional activation.


Mr. Takeda has promoted jimoto-gaku (local area studies) and made contributions to conservation and restoration activities of satochi satoyama. He has established spontaneous human networks among people engaged in circulation in local areas, and promoted co-existence among humans, the co-existence of humans and nature, and resident-driven and citizen participatory regional development. Also, he has been engaged in designing basic policies for local cooperative conservation activities and developing various proposals and guidelines adopted by related ministries and agencies. In addition, he has supported diverse activities such as investigations, research, technology development, meetings, lectures, and information transmission to media.


Mr. Takeda’s representative books (joint authorship) include: “Mori-sato-kawa-umi no Shizen-saisei (in Japanese, Nature Restoration, Forests, Rural Areas, Rivers and Oceans)(Chuohoki Publishing Co., Ltd.), ” “Minamata no Arukikata (in Japanese, How to Walk Around Minamata)(Godo Shuppan Co., Ltd.),” “Jissen Community Business (in Japanese, Practical Community Business)(Chuo University Press),” “2100 nen Mirai no Machi e (in Japanese, For Future Towns in 2100)(Shogakukan Inc.),” and “Nihon Housei no Kaikaku: Rippo to Jitsumu no Saizensen (in Japanese, Legal System Reform in Japan, The Forefront of Practical Legislation)(Chuo University Press).”


Mr. Takeda’s major projects include:

Review of satochi satoyama conservation measures and development of modelling areas (Ministry of the Environment)

Development of satochi environment where humans live in harmony with nature (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Ministry of the Environment)

Livelihoods making best use of satoyama forests (Forestry Agency)

Guidelines for activating local areas using renewable energies (Forestry Agency)

Promotion of biodiversity in social capital (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)

Regional society development based on co-existence and circulation, Toward the return of toki into the wild (Ministry of the Environment, Local Government of Niigata Prefecture)

Conservation of Abe's salamander and regional development (Ministry of the Environment, Local Government of Fukui Prefecture)

Secretariat for the best 30 satochi satoyama conservation and utilization contest (The Yomiuri Shimbun, Ministry of the Environment)

AEON satochi satoyama conservation activities (AEON Environmental Foundation)

Technology development and experimental study for global warming (bamboo tube fuel) (Ministry of the Environment)