Tsuji, Yuki(Yuki, Tsuji, Japan)

Tsuji, Yuki(Yuki Tsuji, Japan)

Ikebana Artist, Director of Tsuji Institute of Space

Yuki Tsuji was born in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan in 1983.  He earned his master degree at the Department of Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering, Kogakuin University, Japan.  He presides over the “plant sculpture institute.”

He studied ikebana (Japanese flower art) under Reiko Takenaka.  Tsuji’s ikebana based on architecture is expressed as unique and original space art that goes beyond existing frameworks, such as architectural design, scenography, sculpture, and product design. Humans, architecture and plants – Tsuji considers the inter-relationship among these three elements and expresses them into a space in a spectacular way through fusing plant vitality and human creativity.  In 2013, Tsuji was engaged in scenography of the Noh Performance at the Château de Fère in France in commemoration of the 650th Zeami and the 680th Kan’ami anniversaries.  He was assigned as the Artistic Director for “Shizuoka × Cannes × Cinema,” a cultural exchange program between Shizuoka and Cannes, in 2015.  He has presented a variety of art works through collaboration with several brands both domestically and internationally.  He has expressed the Japanese view of nature and aesthetics on a global stage through his art works. 


Creative Direction, Bang & Olufsen Japan’s 90th Anniversary Movie
Art Work for CM “CLEAR” by Unilever Japan K.K.
Fundamental Design and Design Direction of “café de perle GINZA”
Scenography of the Noh Performance at Château de Fère in France in commemoration of the 650th Zeami and the 680th Kan’ami anniversaries
Installation of “floating bamboo” at HOTEL PREZIO
Serialization of articles entitled “Flowers and Architecture” in The Shizuoka Shimbun (2013)


Joint Authorship
“Sense of Solid” (2009, SODO publishing)
“Across the Universe International” (2011, SODO publishing)
“Shine a Light International” (2012, SODO publishing)


Homepage  http://www.tsujiyuki.com/
facebook https://www.facebook.com/yuki.tsuji.98
Twitter https://twitter.com/tsujiyuki_