Fukuoka, Shin-Ichi

Fukuoka, Shin-Ichi (Shin-Ichi Fukuoka, Japan)

Professor, Aoyama Gakuin University


Dr. Shin-Ichi Fukuoka, born in 1959 in Tokyo, is a Japanese biologist.  After he graduated from Kyoto University, he served as doctoral research fellow at Harvard Medical School, USA, and assistant professor at Kyoto University, Japan.  Now, he serves as Professor at Aoyama Gakuin University.  His bestselling book, “Seibutsu to Museibutsu no Aida (in Japanese, Between Organic Matters and Inorganic Matters) (Kodansha Co., Ltd.)”, sold more than 720,000 copies, and was awarded The Suntory Prize for Social Science and Humanities.  As well as this book, his books including “Doutekiheikou (in Japanese, Dynamic Equilibrium) (Kirakusya, Inc.)” have an established reputation for his lucid discussion about “what is life?”  He has also written books such as “Sekai wa Waketemo Wakaranai (in Japanese, The World is not understandable even if it is divided) (Kodansya Co., Ltd.)”, “Doutekiheikou II (in Japanese, Dynamic Equilibrium II)(Kirakusya, Inc.)”, “Idenshi wa Dame na Anata wo Aishiteru (in Japanese, Genes love incompetent persons like you)(Asahi Shimbun Publications Inc.), “Seimei no Hanashi (in Japanese, Tale of Life)(Shinchosya Publishing Co., Ltd.), “Ruriboshikamikiri no Ao: Fuokuoka Hakase ga Dekirumade (in Japanese, Blue of Rosalia batesi: until a boy became Dr. Fukuoka)(Bungeishunju Ltd.)”, “Seimei to Kioku no Paradox (in Japanese, Paradox of Life and Memory)(Bungeishunju Ltd.)”, and so on.

He is also well known as a big fan of Vermeer.  He published travels about oeuvre of Vermeer such as “Vermeer: Hikari no Oukoku (in Japanese, Vermeer: The Kingdom of Light) (Kirakusya, Inc.)” and “Fukayomi Vermeer (in Japanese, Over-interpretation about Vermeer, co-author: Yuriko Kuchiki) (Asahi Shimbun Publications Inc.).  Now he serves as Supervisor and Director of the Vermeer Center Ginza where oeuvre of Vermeer recreated using state-of-the art digital printing technology are on permanent exhibit.