Establishment of Christel Vie Ensemble Foundation


The Christel Vie Ensemble Foundation has been founded by Ms. Christel Takigawa, a freelance newscaster, in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan.


The name of the foundation “Vie Ensemble” means “creating a life together” and “lives existing together” in French.  The foundation was named in anticipation of a society where diverse lives together support co-existence.


Ms. Christel Takigawa has clearly presented the importance of biodiversity to many people through the media by serving as advisor of WWF Japan and member of the Japan Committee for the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity (UNDB-J).


The foundation will conduct 2 main projects, “Project Zero” and “Project Red,” toward a society where living things live in harmony with nature.


The aims of the Project Zero are to eliminate the culling, abandoning and abusing of dogs and cats, by 2020.  Also, training of sheltered dogs, sheltering of dogs and cats before culling, and adoption support will be conducted as well as an awareness campaign.


Project Red, named after the Red List of IUCN, is more involved with biodiversity.  Conservation of the habitats for endangered species through affording land and support for conservation activities are planned as the missions of this project, in order to rescue wildlife in danger of extinction and conserve ecosystems.  The project will also focus on a biodiversity awareness campaign to take urgent action before it is too late.


The unbalanced ecosystems and accelerated extinction rates of wildlife are becoming serious problems of our time.  It is high time for us to change our attitudes.  High expectations are held for the foundation’s activities, based on its message transmission capacity.