Third Asian Students Environmental Platform (ASEP) Held in China


The Asian Students Environmental Platform (ASEP 2014) organized by the AEON Environmental Foundation was held from August 4 to 11, 2014, in China.  With the start of the “United Nations Decade on Biodiversity” in 2011, ASEP was drawn up the same year and has been held annually since 2012 in order to develop human resources which can display leadership in the century of the environment.




In addition to the past participating universities including Waseda University (Japan), Tsinghua University (China), Korea University (South Korea) and the Vietnam National University, Hanoi (Vietnam), the University of Malaya (Malaysia) newly participated in ASEP 2014.  This year, under the theme of "Water and Humans," the students held active discussions transcending national borders and cultural differences.




ASEP 2014 was set in the important country of China to think about environmental issues, and a program consisting of field work and group discussions was held in order to learn the present situation through the five senses. 


Students could watch, listen to and feel diverse natural environments through visiting the Tianjin New Coastal Area, a wetland, the Beijing Olympic Forest Park, a desert in Inner Mongolia, an artificial forest, a grassland, the Chengdu Live-water Park and the Great Wall of China.




Students went on field trips during the daytime and held discussions in the evenings.  Eighty students from the five countries repeated discussions about “What should be the content of environmental studies aiming at consistency with modernization and sustainable social development based on cultural tradition?” and deepened friendships.


At the closing ceremony in Beijing, the students gave presentations about a sustainable future based on their experiences during the forum.  At the end of the forum, certificates were presented by Tsinghua University and the AEON Environmental Foundation, and the ASEP in China successfully ended.


With each subsequent year, the ASEP aims to extend participation to the various Asian countries and include all East Asian and ASEAN countries in the forum in 2021.