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CEO Message

Aiming to become Asia’s No.1 “Super-Regional Retailer” rooted in our “Customer-first” philosophy July. 2017 Motoya Okada President of Aeon Co., Ltd.
CEO Message

I would like to sincerely thank all our shareholders and investors for their support and understanding of the Aeon Group.

As a corporate group that constantly innovates under the Aeon Basic Principles of “Pursuing peace, respecting humanity, and contributing to local communities, always with the customer’s point of view as its core,” Aeon has continuously implemented reforms while adhering to the “Customer-first” philosophy, and grown to the point where consolidated operating revenue now exceeds eight trillion yen. From our starting point in the retail business, we have pursued business portfolio diversification in areas such as financial services, shopping center development, and services. We have also developed international operations, mainly in China and the ASEAN region, expanding our area of operations to 13 countries.

The Pursuit of Sustainable Management

Aeon pursues sustainable management with the aim of achieving both growth for the Group and development of society. We have set medium- to long-term targets for four priority tasks—realization of a low-carbon society, conservation of biodiversity, effective utilization of resources, and addressing social issues— and are pressing ahead with vigorous efforts to conserve the environment and address social issues through our business activities.

October of last year marked the 25th anniversary of the Aeon Hometown Forests Program for planting trees on the grounds of newly opened stores together with the residents in the areas. The shopping centers, surrounded by trees grown healthy and strong, become centers of community activities where people gather and interact, much like “guardian forests” surrounding Shinto shrines, and continue to grow in step with their local communities. To realize sustainable procurement, we established the Aeon Sustainable Procurement Policy and Sustainable Procurement Goals for 2020 with the aim of promoting procurement of products certified under international standards in consideration of food safety and environmental impact in April of this year. To fulfill its role as a member of local communities and international society, Aeon partners with customers to address global issues through the provision of products and services.

Furthermore, in the Basic Policy on Corporate Governance, instituted in April of last year, we articulated the position that our employees, who are responsible for creating new value for customers, are our most important asset, and we are implementing workforce diversity initiatives. Each individual employee strives to maximize corporate value by fully demonstrating his or her capabilities and contributes to the business growth.

As a Corporate Group that Continues to Grow Sustainably

Aeon established the Aeon Group Medium-term Management Plan (FY2017– FY2019) to achieve dramatic growth into the future with a view to environmental changes in 2020 and beyond this year.

Under the plan, Aeon aspires to be the No. 1 corporate group in each geographical area and business domain in which it operates by dramatically changing the group-wide business structure and undertaking a transformation to a structure capable of generating high earnings on the basis of two pivotal reforms: “Completion of earnings structure reforms of existing businesses” and “Group-wide structural reforms towards new growth.”

This year, the first year of the plan, we will first of all, implement earnings structure reforms to get Aeon Retail and Daiei back on track as drivers of Group growth. Furthermore, in preparation for new growth, we will redefine existing businesses, undertake Group restructuring, and strive to establish next-generation business models in growth sectors. We will also renew IT systems, logistics systems, and other group-wide business infrastructure to build a framework that will enable each of the Group’s businesses to demonstrate competitive advantage.

During the three-year term of the management plan, Aeon strives to meet the expectations of our shareholders by steadily and surely solidifying the business foundation to evolve into a global retailer with world-class scale and profitability.

I would like to thank our shareholders for their enduring support.

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