Vol. 418 Apr., 18 2012
Building schools to help children build their hopes and dreams
Aeon supports school construction projects in Vietnam in cooperation with our customers
Since 2000, Aeon has been offering support to school construction programs in Asian regions where education infrastructure is not sufficiently developed, in cooperation with our customers and others. As of 2009, a total of 326 schools have been built in Cambodia, Nepal and Laos under this support program, providing roughly 230,000 children with appropriate education opportunities.
Building on this achievement, Aeon started a new program to support school construction in Hue, Vietnam, setting a goal of completing 30 schools in the coming three years. By the end of 2011, 10 schools were constructed under this program through donation made by our customers, combined with contribution from the Aeon 1% Club.
This spring saw the completion of the 11th Aeon Cherry School in Cambodia and its opening ceremony was held on March 27, with 73 participants from Japan. In the celebration event, these guests shared the joy of its opening,spending fun time with children who performed rhythmic gymnastics, singing together or doing other activities.
As part of our efforts aimed at supporting children’s education to build future in Vietnam, Aeon newly started a School Constructions Support Fund on April 1, which is running up to June 10, in around 7,000 Group stores and offices nationwide. We appreciate continued support and cooperation of our customers for this initiative.
  Children celebrating the completion of a new school construction / The brand new building of the 11th Aeon Cherry School in Vietnam