Vol. 441 Apr., 10 2013
Kimono-clad students attending a tea ceremony (Japan)
Hoping to foster mutual understanding through youth exchange across national borders
High school students from Cambodia, Laos and Japan visited each other’s countries to deepen friendship.
As part of its “International Culture, Inter-Personal Exchange and Development Program,” the Aeon 1% Club has been hosting the “Teenage Ambassador Program” since 1990 with the aim of helping high school students from Japan and overseas to deepen mutual understanding and friendship. The total cumulative number of high school students who have taken part in this program has reached 708 from 15 countries. This year, a total of 32 students from Cambodia and Laos (16 students from each country) were invited to Japan from January 9 to 16. During their stay, they paid a courtesy call to the office of the Prime Minister and had opportunities to learn Japanese culture, including wearing yukata, Japanese summer kimono, and attending a tea ceremony.
When visiting the Nature Experience School in Toya Lake, Hokkaido, they played in the snow for the first time. They also visited Sapporo Kiyota High School to participate in various exchange activities with Japanese students, including making origami and doing calligraphy. From March 19 to 27, one group of Japanese high school students visited Cambodia while another group visited Laos to reunite with the students they became friends with in January. All students enjoyed their first reunion in two months and further enhanced their understanding on each other’s countries through homestay programs and attending the local classes together.
Aeon will continue to actively provide high school students in Japan and abroad, who are the leaders of tomorrow, with opportunities to deepen mutual understanding and trust.
Visiting Angkor Wat relics (Cambodia) Participating in a local ceremony to wish for the safety of a journey (Laos)