Vol. 443 Apr., 24 2013
Children wearing traditional Myanmarese makeup (Aeon Gangaw School)
Smiles spreading among children in Asia
Following the schools built in Cambodia, Nepal, Laos and Vietnam, the first school in Myanmar was opened.
Since 2000, Aeon has been supporting construction of schools in the Asian region, where the educational infrastructure is not sufficiently developed. Through the cooperation of customers and other supporters, Aeon has so far supported to build a total of 326 schools in Cambodia, Nepal and Laos. Since 2010, Aeon has been conducting the Vietnam School Construction Support Campaign aiming to open 30 schools in Vietnam, through the donation of 95,987,980 yen from customers and employees and the contribution made by the Aeon 1% Club. In Myanmar, Aeon is also planning to build 30 schools over a three year period, using the funds raised under the Myanmar School Construction Support Campaign launched in 2012.
The opening ceremony of Aeon Gangaw School, the first school built in Myanmar through this campaign, was held on March 29, 2013.
At the event celebrating its completion, 61 participants from Japan shared with local children the excitement of the school’s opening, and deepened friendship with them through singing, rhythmic gymnastics and other activities.
Aeon will continue to implement the School Construction Support Campaign with the cooperation of customers.
Students rejoicing in the new school building