Vol. 445 May., 22 2013
Donating Renewable Energy Systems Overseas, Hope for a Bright Future for Children
The solar power system installed in Damansara Jaya Junior High School in Selangor
Aeon Environmental Foundation Donates Solar Power Systems to Junior High Schools in Malaysia
The Aeon Environmental Foundation has donated solar power systems to two junior high schools in Malaysia; specifically, Damansara Jaya Junior High School in Selangor and Maxwell Junior High School in Kuala Lumpur. On April 30, 2013,
a ceremony to present the system was held at Damansara Jaya school. The Foundation began donating solar power systems to secondary schools in 2009 with the aim of increasing public awareness of renewable energy and promoting its use as an environmentally friendly energy source. Building on contributions to a total of 15 junior high schools in Japan to date, the Foundation has begun to expand this project overseas. Malaysia was selected as the first recipient country outside
Japan, as the country is actively promoting the use of solar power and otherrenewable energy generation systems on the back of the region’s abundant sunlight. Following the initial contribution to these two schools, donations are planned for eight other schools by the end of fiscal 2013. Aeon will continue to conduct a variety of initiatives with the aim of passing on a green environment to future generations. A solar power system presentation ceremony held on April 30