Vol. 449 Aug., 7 2013
Hope for a brighter future Planting saplings one by one to restore the richness of the forest
Volunteers participating in the activity from Myanmar and Japan planted saplings in the lakeside land extending over about four hectares.
The Aeon Environmental Foundation starts the three-year Myanmar Yangon tree planting project
Pyugyi Reservoir, which is located in the suburbs of Yangon in the western coastal area of Myanmar, has been used as an important water source to supply water to citizens of Yangon. In recent years, however, trees around the artificial lake have been cut down for use by people as firewood and other wooden materials, and as a result, the forest’s function to adjust the flow of water into the lake and preserve the water source has been lowered. In response, in order to restore the forest to its original state and make it possible to use the lake as a natural resource in a sustainable manner, the Aeon Environmental Foundation launched the three-year Myanmar Yangon tree planting project this year. On the first round of the project held on July 21, a total of about 700 volunteers participated in the activity from both Myanmar and Japan, and they planted about 6,000 indigenous saplings one by one in cooperation with each other. After conducting the activity, participants made various comments,
including “I look forward to seeing the forest after 10 years from now,” and “I want to participate in the activity again.”
The Aeon Environmental Foundation plans to plant trees also in Urayasu City in Chiba Prefecture, around the Great Wall of China in Beijing, and in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Aeon will continue to conduct tree planting activities jointly with local residents in order to pass down the rich natural environment to a brighter future.
Volunteers planted trees with local residents, hoping for the creation of a rich forest