Vol. 452 Sep., 11 2013
Working on reforestation for three years Continuing the effort toward a more fulfilling future / A total of 63,000 trees were planted in a 1.5-hectare area over the three years

The three-year Indonesia tree planting project was ended, in which a total of 4,300 people participated

In recent years, Indonesia has been facing the problem that mangrove and other flood control forests wither due to the development of coastal areas, which has been fostered against the backdrop of the country’s stable economic growth. In response in 2011, the Aeon Environmental Foundation began implementing a three-year project to plant trees in the coastal areas to protect the local residential districts and expressways from floods and to restore greenery in the areas. In Jakarta on August 25 in 2013, which was the final year of the project, saplings were planted by a total of some 1,600 volunteers, including local people and those participating from Japan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and other Asian countries. They planted a total of about 24,000 mangrove saplings, cooperating with each other irrespective of differences in nationality. Mangrove saplings planted in 2012 have grown into trees The number of saplings planted over the three years has reached around 63,000, and the saplings are gradually growing into trees eventually to form a rich forest.
In order to create a brighter future for children, Aeon will continue to plant saplings in cooperation with a lot of people in Japan and across the world.