Vol. 466 Apr., 9 2014

Planting 2,500 saplings in the suburbs of Hanoi to improve natural environment of Ba Vi National Park


A three-year tree planting project was launched in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The Aeon Environmental Foundation has launched the Vietnam Hanoi Tree Planting Project in cooperation with Vietnam National University, Hanoi. The venue for the project is Ba Vi National Park, located in the suburbs of Hanoi. The national park is popular among local residents for its lush greenery and natural beauty. Part of the park’s forest, however, was destroyed by bombing during the Vietnam War, and in some areas trees were cut down for local daily use. The damaged forest has been left untouched ever since. To restore the forest to its original state, the Foundation decided to plant trees under a three-year project starting this year. The Foundation hopes to help make the park a better place for local people to fully enjoy nature’s bounty. In drizzling rain, a total of 560 volunteers from Japan and Vietnam participated in the tree planting event, planting about 2,500 saplings of indigenous trees including yellow-flesh trees and Chinese parasol trees.
In an effort to protect the rich natural environment of the community, the Aeon Environmental Foundation has also been supporting environmental education programs carried out by Vietnam National University for students and local residents.
Aeon will continue to conduct tree planting activities together with our customers in order to protect the beautiful natural environment and pass it down to future generations.