Vol. 471 Jun.4 2014

Planting Our Wishes for Lush Greenery

Aeon planted 30,000 trees in the south shore of the Lake Tai in Suzhou, China

On May 17th, the Aeon Environmental Foundation conducted a tree planting in Dongshan town in Wuzhong District of Suzhou Prefecture, located at the south shore of the Lake Tai, the third largest freshwater lake in China. Known for its beautiful scenery, the site is designated as the National-level Scenic and Historic Interest Area. However, the shore embankment recent years has caused serious damage to the ecosystem of the lake, and Suzhou City is undertaking the plan to restore its ecosystem and the environment. In response to the City’s efforts, the Aeon Environmental Foundation has decided on the tree planting in order to revive the greenery of the lake shore. The total of 980 volunteers from Japan and China has planted with care as many as 30,000 saplings native to the region. Aeon will continue to conduct various kinds of environmental conservation initiatives with a view to handing down our beautiful planet to the next generation.
planted 30,000 saplings exceeding the initial plan of 10,000