Vol. 475 Aug.6 2014

Aiming to become a community base that brings better tomorrow to Rikuzentakata City.

Aeon Supercenter Rikuzentakata has opened.Rikuzentakata City in Iwate Prefecture suffered tremendous damage from the Great East Japan Earthquake.  Shortly after the Earthquake, Aeon started operating dispatched stores beside the temporary housing areas in order to assist the everyday life of the local customers. Then we continued our efforts to enhance convenience in the local community by operating temporary stores and mobile sales, and opening Aeon Supercenter Rikuzentakata specialized for selling clothes. Taking over these stores, Aeon Supercenter Rikuzentakata has opened on July 19th. One storied spacious floor offers all everyday necessities and various services that support local customers in their everyday life. At the same time, the store continues to operate the mobile sales in response to the needs of those who have difficulty in visiting the store. Aeon will continue to take steps forward along with our customers for the Future of Dreams in Tohoku.

Over one thousand customers lined up for the opening