Vol. 477 Sep.,10 2014

Together with Customers, Aeon Will Continue to Take Steps

上場40周年 AEON HAPPY PARTY お客さまへの感謝をこめて

Thanks for your continuous support, 
Aeon sees its 40th year as a listed company

On September 10th, Jusco Co., Ltd., the predecessor of Aeon Co., Ltd., will see its 40th year as a listed company. We would like to express our gratitude to all the people who has supported us along the way. Ever since its founding, Aeon has endeavored for the higher customer satisfaction through stores, goods, and services, flexibly responding to the altering needs of customers. As this year marks its 40th anniversary, the Group goes back to its long-lived “Customer-First” philosophy, and various initiatives are under way to show our appreciation to all the stakeholders including customers and shareholders. In addition to offering the goods and the campaigns featuring the 40th Anniversary, it is also taking new challenges such as launching Aeon Smartphone that made possible an unconventionally reasonable price. Aeon will continue its endeavor to enrich the lives of people with its ever-lasting innovative spirit.