Vol. 478 Sep.,24 2014
Maxvalu Gion Store in Hiroshima City

Your Warmest Support Will Help Hiroshima through the Recovery

We appreciate your support for our recovery efforts for Hiroshima

The record severe rainfall that hit Hiroshima City on August 20 caused landslides and resulted in serious damages including a heavy loss of lives and injuries as well as flooding and destruction of the houses. In response to this emergency, Aeon Group as a whole has been undertaking various support initiatives, including supplying relief goods designated by the Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement with the City, financial support by Financial Services Business of the Group such as providing low-interest housing loans, and offering support by Aeon Pet Co., Ltd. to take care of the affected pets. In addition, Aeon conducted Emergency Donation Campaign from August 21 in Hiroshima City, which was then expanded to about 2,300 Group stores nationwide from August 25. Following these collective efforts, “Yellow Receipt Campaign for Hiroshima Landslide” was also carried out at Group stores in Hiroshima City for seven days starting from September 5. The total donations from customers and Aeon employees amounted up to 49 million 579 thousand 181 yen, which was topped to 100 million yen by Aeon 1% Club Foundation’s matching contribution. On top of it, two million 572 thousand 292 yen, approximately 1% of the total amount of the receipts through “Yellow Receipt Campaign for Hiroshima Landslide,” was added, which makes the total of 102 million 572 thousand 292 yen. Aeon donated this amount to Hiroshima City on September 17. We thank you again for your warmest support and cooperation. We would like to express our deepest sympathy to all those who passed away and prays for the earliest recovery of those who affected.