Vol. 483 Nov.,12 2014

Promoting Local Specialties to Revitalize Local Communities and the Whole Japan.

A sales corner for locally produced vegetables at Aeon Kisarazu Store, Chiba Prefecture

Launch of an initiative “Jimono-no-hi (Local Product Day)”

On October 15th, Aeon launched an initiative “Jimono-no-hi” to promote “local production for local consumption” at about 2000 Group stores nationwide including Aeon and Daiei (general merchandise store) and Maxvalu (food supermarket.) Aeon has been engaged in various initiatives in order to revitalize local communities in Japan such as Food Artisan Project that supports producers who are committed to preserve regional food culture. Adding to these efforts, Aeon has launched “Jimono-no-hi,” responding to the nation’s pressing issue of local revitalization, and the growing trend in customers’ preference for fresher food with “safety and security” as well as their desire to contribute to local communities. Under partnerships with local producers, Group stores nationwide will deliver the best products from their own regions, such as fresh vegetables and fish as well as regional specialties. Together with customers, Aeon will continue to take proactive initiatives for local revitalization as a part of a local community.
“Imobuta,” local brand pork from Chiba Prefecture