Vol. 486 Dec.24 2014

Creating a Sustainable Tomorrow Together with Our Customers / Chuo University students proposing lifestyle with organic products

Aeon took part in “Eco-Products 2014,” presenting Aeon’s eco-friendly initiatives together with students

From December 11th to 13th 2014, Aeon participated in one of the largest eco exhibitions in Japan “Eco-Products 2014” held at Tokyo Big Sight. Under the theme of “Sustainable Living,” we introduced healthy and environmental-friendly Organic Series
from Aeon’s private brand Topvalu Gurinai, and Fairtrade products that support producers in developing countries to sustain production activities and become financially-independent. Additionally, high school and university students, who support our eco-friendly initiatives, gave presentation to the visitors to propose practical lifestyle ideas for realizing sustainable future. Together with our customers, Aeon will continue to take active initiatives for creating sustainable society. Participative quiz rally on eco-friendly lifestyle