Vol. 489 Jan 28, 2015

Preserving Food Culture in Cooperation with Local Communities

フードアルチザン イオンは食の匠を応援します
“Sakura-jima Daikon”from Kagoshima Prefecture
  • “Banpeiyu” from Kumamoto Prefecture
  • “Shottsuru” from Akita Prefecture

Food Artisan Project expands its reach for enriching local food culture.

Since 2001, Aeon has promoted Food Artisan Project that helps preserve unique food culture hand in hand with producers and local citizens in many parts of Japan. Together with local agricultural organizations or municipal governments, we have established associations to commercialize regionally-distinct ingredients; such as “Sakura-jima Daikon (Japanese radish)” from Kagoshima Prefecture, “Anno lmo (sweet potato)” from Tanegashima, one of the world’s biggest citrus “Banpeiyu” from Kumamoto Prefecture, and traditional fish-based soy source “Shottsuru” from Akita Prefecture which dates back in Edo Period. Through these efforts, we have delivered local specialties to customers throughout Japan. On January 26, 2015, a new association was established with a view of handing down a type of taros “Maru-kei Yatsugatake” produced in Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture. Adding this new one, the number of associations established with local partners reaches 30. Aiming to give boost to local regions in Japan, Aeon will continue to promote Food Artisan Project and many other initiatives in cooperation with local communities.