Vol. 493 Mar 11, 2015
Making International Contribution with Customers through Daily Shopping
Testing of Fairtrade certified chocolate from Aeon’s private brand TOPVALU
Presentation by students from Graduate School of Humanities and Science at Ochanomizu University

Together with university students, Aeon held an event to promote Fairtrade products.

Aeon has promoted Fairtrade, an international framework designed to support producers in developing countries to become financially independent through fair purchase of raw materials or products. Since the launch of the Topvalu Fairtrade Coffee in 2004, we have promoted this international framework with continuous product development, which allows customers to make international contribution through daily shopping. On February 10th, we held an awareness-raising event at Aeon Kasai store,where
students from Ochanomizu University presented their initiatives in promoting Fairtrade. Aeon continues to support producers in developing countries through Fairtrade products in order to realize a sustainable society. Fairtrade Sourcing Program label (for cocoa)
            Fairtrade Sourcing Program label