Vol. 498 June 10, 2015

Aeon's Yellow Receipts Represent Our Hopes for Tohoku Restoration

AEON Tsudanuma store (Chiba Prefecture)

Aeon presents a total donation of 99,824,366 yen to support 
children afflicted by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Aeon has worked on various support initiatives wishing for the recovery of those affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. From March 9th to 11th, we conducted “Aeon Happy Yellow Receipt Campaign” for extended three days at 2,500 Group stores for the disaster relief. The total contribution though the Campaign amounted to 83,469,942 yen. Adding other contributions collected through initiatives such as “WAON for Tohoku Restoration” and charity events by Group companies, the total donation reached to 99,824,366 yen. In the view of supporting everyday lives and educational environments for the afflicted children, Aeon donated 33,709,313 yen to “Fukushima Donation for Orphans affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake” in Fukushima Prefecture on May 25th, and 33,009,291 yen to Iwate Learning Hope Fund” in Iwate Prefecture on 28th, as well as 33,105,762 yen to “Great East Japan Earthquake Miyagi Children’s Fund” in Miyagi Prefecture on June 16th. We would like to show our gratitude once again for your warm support and cooperation.
Together with customers, Aeon will continue to support Tohoku for the restoration and realization of “A Future of Dreams.”