Vol. 500 July 1, 2015

Providing Convenient and Enriched
Life Style for Customers in Indonesia

Aeon's first mall in Indonesia “Aeon Mall BSD CITY” opened in Jakarta.
Aeon has been accelerating business expansion in China and ASEAN region, under the Group-wide strategy of “Shift to Asian Market” formulated in the Aeon Group Medium-term Management Plan. On May 30th, Aeon opened its first mall in Indonesia “Aeon Mall BSD CITY” in the BSD district, a development area located in the southwest of the capital city Jakarta. Under the concept of “For Your Smart Living,” the Mall boasts a total of 280 specialty stores encompassing Aeon BSD CITY store, an anchor general merchandise store. The Mall aims to meet the diversifying needs of local customers, whose consumption is on the rise reflecting the country’s middle-class expansion. It also provides convenience of one-stop shopping, as well as products and services newly-arrived in the country. At Aeon BSD CITY store, “Bicycle Cafe,” a shop specialized in bicycle, opens with a cafe, responding to the recent cycling trend in the country. The Store also provides Japanese dish, which are popular in the country, in the form of handy-packed food. The Mall has been in a great bustle with customers since the opening. The total number of customers amounted to about 85,000 on the opening date alone and approxmately 1.08 million over the first three weeks. Aeon will continue to provide brand new life style in Indonesia aiming to enrich the customer lives in the country.
“Bicycle Cafe” at Aeon BSD CITY store selling bicycles
Sambal (chili paste), popular spice in Indonesia, is mixed and offered on the spot