Vol.511 October 21, 2015

Wishing for Tomorrow with a Spirit of Cooperation

AEON Lake Town mori

Thank you for your cooperation in the “24 HOUR TELEVISION 38 / LOVE SAVES THE EARTH” Charity Donation Campaign

Since 2005, Aeon has been engaged in the “24 HOUR TELEVISION / LOVE SAVES THE EARTH” Charity Donation Campaign supported by Nippon Television and other local TV stations in Japan. The 24-hour-long yearly TV program aims to provide support and raise awareness in social welfare, environmental conservation, and disaster relief. This year, Aeon conducted donation campaign for the Program at a total of 11, 916 stores and offices of 108 Aeon Group companies in Japan over the period from June 10th to August 30th as well as collecting donations through Aeon Bank, Aeon Card and others. Combined with the 84 million 906 thousand 240 yen collected through the sale of “Charity T-shirts,” the total donation amounts to 285 million 585 thousand 894 yen. We would like to thank you again for your kindest cooperation. The collected donation will be presented to 24-Hour Television Charity Committee to be used for donating welfare vehicles, providing disaster relief for the Great East Japan Earthquake and for heavy rainstorms occurred this September in Kanto and Tohoku region, among others.
Hand in hand with customers, Aeon will continue to conduct social contribution activities toward realizing “future with dreams.”