Vol.520 March 16, 2016
Join Hands and Foster the Power of Hometown
Aeon believes that peaceful everyday lives make prosperous society.
            We strive to dedicate ourselves in helping to enrich
            various life aspects of our customers including day to day shopping.
            To revitalize local communities through
            promoting the Nigiwai Tohoku Campaign,
            creating job opportunities, and supporting producers,
            and to help realize lushly green communities resilient to disasters, these initiatives are what we are committed.
            Hand in hand with people and local communities,
            Aeon, with all Group companies unified,
            endeavor to take steps toward a brighter tomorrow.
Four Policies toward Creating “New Tohoku” 1.Revitalizing local industries through business activities 2.Creating job opportunities and worker-friendly environment 3.Environmental and social contribution activities to jointly shape the future of regions 4.Creating communities where people can live with peace of mind
にぎわい東北 Nigiwai Tohoku