Vol.526 June 8, 2016

Infusing Our Wishes into Each Sapling,To Create “Forest of Wild Birds” Where Citizens Can Relax.

Chiba City Tomita urban agriculture exchange center (Wakaba Word, Chiba City)

Chiba City Tomita urban agriculture exchange center (Wakaba Word, Chiba City)

A three-year tree-planting program “Chiba City Tree-planting” has started.

Chiba City and Aeon Environmental Foundation conducted the first “Chiba City Tree-planting” on May 4, Greenery Day, at Chiba City Tomita urban agriculture exchange center (Wakaba Ward, Chiba City). The Center where people can receive trainings and experience on agriculture in rich nature is a place of relaxation for people in the community, attracting as many as 110,000 people in a year. In recent years however, a bacterial disease has spread among cedars in the area. This led to an increase of the risk of fallen trees, and resulted in need of logging. In response to this situation, the City and the Foundation have launched a three-year tree-planting program to restore the forest as a “forest of wild birds” where citizens can gather with peace of mind. In this first tree-planting, approximately 1,200 volunteers including people from the local

Mayor of Chiba City: Toshihito Kumagai [left]Chairman of AEON Environmental Foundation: Takuya Okada [right]

community and children from Aeon Cheers Club participated and planted 8,000 broad-leaved trees including kunugi (sawtooth oak), konara oak and wild cherry. Aeon has launched tree-planting programs starting in 1991, and the number of trees planted has totaled over 11 million. For everlasting beautiful greenery, we are committed to continue tree-planting activities together with people in local communities.