Vol.534 September 28, 2016

Hoping for World Peace through Pursuit of beauty.

World’s greatest performances are gathered in Japan.

One of the three greatest rhythmic gymnastics tournaments in the world, Aeon Cup 2016 Worldwide R.G. Club Championships, was held. Aeon has been supporting Aeon Cup Worldwide R.G. Club Championships since the first Championships was held in 1994 hoping that it serves as an international platform where people with different ethnicity and religion can enhance mutual friendships. The Championships which is competed by team even accept gymnasts with high skills who are unable to participate in international championships due to each limit of the number of participants. Thus, it has attracted much attention. This year, some of the world-class gymnasts gathered from 26 countries and regions during the period of September 8 to 11 in Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, vying each other in their elegant performances. In the Individual Championships, Kaho Minagawa from Aeon Club touched the hearts of the audience with graceful and audacious performance, and won the 8th place, the highest as Japanese, in the Championships. In the Club Championships, Gazprom from Russia won their 17th championship in a row in which Margarita Mamun, who is the runner-up of the World R. G. Championship, also won her third championship in a row, is one of the team members. Aeon from Japan won the 5th place. A part of the collected ticket fee will be presented to UNHCR (Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) to support child refugees across the world.

Winners Senior Championships 1st Margarita MAMUN(Gazprom/Russia) 2nd Ganna RIZATDINOVA(Deriugina School/Ukraine) 3rd Aleksandra SOLDATOVA(Gazprom/Russia) Junior Championships 1st Maria SERGEEVA(Gazprom/Russia) 2nd Alina HARNASKO(DINAMO/Republic of Belarus) 3rd Karin KANTOROVICH(MACCABI ISRAEL/Israel) Club Championships 1st Gazprom(Russia) 2nd DINAMO(Republic of Belarus) 3rd Deriugina School(Ukraine)

Kaho Minagawa who won the 8th place, the highest as Japanese, in the Championships

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