Vol.553 July 12, 2017

Developing a New Form of Agriculture Towards the Future Alongside with the Community

Aeon opened Aeon Saitama Kuki Farm aiming to establish agribusiness models based on cutting-edge technologies.

Aeon runs directly-operated farms to address the issues in Japan’s agriculture such as retirement farming due to aging farming households or lack of successors, and lower international competitiveness, and to pursue sustainable development of community-based agriculture. Aeon has now converted and accumulated the agricultural production expertise that individual farmers conventionally acquired only through experience in data form. The aim is to develop new agribusiness models by focusing on handing down production technologies so that the next generations can engage in farming with dreams and hopes. The Aeon Saitama Kuki Farm launched in January this year is growing greenhouse tomatoes by using ICT (information and communication technologies) systems in collaboration with farmers in Saitama Prefecture and nearby communities. The Farm successfully launched stable year-round production by adopting a cultivation system that allows 3 harvests a year as well as introducing the latest technology of automatically controlling the conditions inside the greenhouse around the clock. The produce has been sold in Aeon Group stores mainly in Saitama Prefecture from this June.

Aeon Saitama Kuki Farm: Launched in January 2017 within Saitama Agricultural Technology Research Center as project site for accelerating the introduction of next-generation greenhouse horticulture promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan.