Vol.556 August 23, 2017

Everyday Community Efforts to Prevent and Mitigate Disasters and Provide against Emergencies

Aeon's disaster mitigation measures for disaster-resistant communities.

In aiming to create safe and secure communities, Aeon regularly hosts disaster prevention and safety drills in collaboration with external organizations including administrative offices, local municipalities and private companies, and offers disaster mitigation awareness programs for customers. In May, Aeon joined forces with the local municipality, the Self-Defense Forces, fire department and police and other bodies to host a Disaster Mitigation Festival at Aeon LakeTown (Saitama Prefecture) in which participants learned how to prevent and mitigate disaster through hands-on events. The festival, in its sixth year, welcomed the largest-ever some 74,000 participants. Also in July, Aeon became the first general retail group to be named Designated Public Corporation by the Prime Minister under the Disaster Countermeasures Basic Act, which will enables us to coordinate with the national government to provide support in the event of a disaster. Aeon will assume the role of community lifeline for the early recovery of afflicted areas. Aeon continues to fully leverage on the Group's expertise to implement disaster prevention and mitigation measures in providing against emergencies.

Join Efforts to Create a Secure Future. Aeon's disaster mitigation measures