Vol.557 September 6, 2017

Enliven the Community and Pass on Our Cultural Assets

Aeon Ryukyu Eisa Team presented a soul-stirring performance on Kokusai Street in Okinawa

Aeon is actively engaged in initiatives to hand down traditional cultures and history that take root in local communities through participation in traditional events in each area. In hope to contribute to the promotion and succession of Eisa, Okinawa's traditional performing art, Aeon Ryukyu Co., Ltd. formed Aeon Ryukyu Eisa Team consisting of interested employees as an opportunity to mark the 40th anniversary of the company two years ago. The Team practices regularly with members of local Ryukyu-buyo dance groups, Domu Hana Warabi and Koryu on the roof or meeting room of its store. On August 6 this year, a total of 70 members participated in the event, Summer Festival in Naha - Eisa Dance Team of 10,000 Dancers, held on Kokusai Street in Naha City. Aeon Ryukyu Eisa Team performed an original Eisa in which they danced in formation with Chondara clowns and with the accompaniment of large and small drums. The Team enlivened the Festival together with some 65,000 spectators that filled the roadsides.