Vol.562 November 15, 2017

In Quest of an Everlasting Beautiful Environment, Think Today for Tomorrow.

[Grand Prix] The Kuroshio Jikkan Center, Non-profit Organization (Kochi Prefecture) The Center treats the rich natural environment and people's lifestyles of Kashiwa Island located at the southwestern tip of Kochi Prefecture as an “Island Museum” and conducts activities to conserve the island's biodiversity from the perspectives of fishery and tourism. It also works to create a sustainable “satoumi” throughout Kashiwa Island. &ldquoExperience-based Learning of the Sea,&rdquo snorkeling to observe marine creatures
[Excellence Award] Miyagi Prefecture Fisheries Cooperative (Miyagi Prefecture) 
[Excellence Award] Japan Business Initiative for Biodiversity (Tokyo) 
[Excellence Award] Dragonfly Forum for Ecological Network - How far does a dragonfly actually fly -
[Excellence Award] Sanyo Girls' Junior/Senior High School, Geography & History Club (Okayama Prefecture)

Grand Prix for The Fifth Japan Awards for Biodiversity selected

This year's Grand Prix for The Japan Awards for Biodiversity established in 2009 by AEON Environmental Foundation in commemoration of the 10th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP10) in Nagoya was selected. The Japan Awards is conducted every two years in turns with the international prize, The Midori Prize for Biodiversity, i n aim to honor individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to conserve biodiversity. This year, five recipients of the Excellence Awards were selected from among 78 applicants and at the award ceremony held on September 26, the Kuroshio Jikkan Center won the Grand Prix. The Center aims to promote rich coexistence of people and the sea from the perspectives of fishery and tourism.