Vol.563 November 29, 2017

Competitive Performance of Greatest Techniques. Striving for Further Growth.

One of the three greatest rhythmic gymnastics tournaments in the world, Aeon Cup 2017 Worldwide R.G. Club Championships, was held.

In hope of promoting interactions among people beyond ethnic and religious boundaries through sports, Aeon has continued to support the Aeon Cup Worldwide Rhythmic Gymnastics Club Championships since the first edition. For this year's Championship, marking the 23rd edition, competitors from 21 countries and regions gathered and presented brilliant techniques at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium between September 28 and October 1 2017. Club Championship title was won by Gazprom (Russia) with senior champion of the individual all-around event, Dina Averina, achieving 16 straight championship titles. Among the Japanese teams that participated, Aeon became the first Japanese team ever to stand on the podium of this Championships, winning third place. In this performance , Kaho Minagawa, bronze medalist in the hoop event at the 2017 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships in August, as well as Takana Tatsuzawa and Karin Koike demonstrated to the best of their ability.
Winners [Club Championship]1st Gazprom (Russia) 2nd Garmonia Elit (Republic of Uzbekistan) 3rd AEON (Japan) [Senior Championships of the individual all-around event]1st Dina AVERINA (Gazprom/Russia) 2nd Yulia BRAVIKOVA (Gazprom/Russia) 3rd Katsiaryna HALKINA (DINAMO / Republic of Belarus) [Junior Championships of the individual all-around event]1st Anastasia SERGEEVA (Gazprom/Russia) 2nd Anastasiia SALOS (DINAMO/Republic of Belarus) 3rd Takhmina IKROMOVA (Garmonia Elit/Republic of Uzbekistan)