The Prize Winners

The MIDORI Prize for Biodiversity 2012

  • Juan Carlos Castilla

    Juan Carlos Castilla
    Professor, Marine Ecology, Department of Ecology, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
    As "the pioneer of South American marine ecology,” Dr. Castilla has been involved in national strategies promoting the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. He worked with governments, coastal and more marginalized artisanal fisher communities, and proved that the small scale Marine Protected Area is effective for sustainably developing the community as well as growing a green economy.
  • Rodrigo Gamez-Lobo

    Rodrigo Gámez-Lobo
    Costa Rica
    President, Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad (INBio)
    Dr. Gámez founded and initiated the INBio in Costa Rica, a country of mega-diversity. He provided a successful model for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity to the world in various fields including the inventorying of biodiversity, environmental education, bioprospecting, policy and legislation, land use management/technical assistance, capacity building and eco tourism.
  • Vo Quy

    Vo Quy
    Viet Nam
    Honorary President, Center for Natural Resources Management and Environmental Studies (CRES), Vietnam National University, Hanoi
    Dr. Quy, who took the initiative to involve rural communities as the main proponents of the country’s nature conservation and reforestation program, is rightly called the father of Vietnam’s environmental conservation movement. He showed a model of the conservation and rehabilitation of nature, offering hope that lands devastated by urbanization or warfare can be regenerated.