AEON’s Policy and Efforts on Human Rights

Coincident with changing our corporate name to AEON CO., LTD.. (formerly Jusco Co. Ltd) on August 21, 2001, we renamed AEON Group as AEON. Ever since, our entire group is aimed at embodying AEON Basic Principles of "Pursuing peace, respecting humanity, and contributing to local communities, always with the customer’s point of view as its core. " We have since endeavored to achieve all of these by paying special attention to the daily implementation of an “ethical behavior”.

We believe that we have to be “truthful” to all the people related to AEON, by fulfilling ethical behavior as well as by complying with laws and regulations.

In April 2003, we set forth the AEON Code of Conduct. It summarizes the guidelines and standards that individual AEON People should follow in order to think and act in keeping with our philosophy that “everything we do, we do for our customers.”
Following this, we also formulated “the AEON Supplier Code of Conduct” (CoC) , our standards for suppliers in May 2003.

In May 2003, we established “the AEON Supplier Code of Conduct” (CoC) , our standards for suppliers. AEON, together with its suppliers, will commit not only to the improvement of product quality, but also to conform to ethical standards of business in the overall process of production, and to comply with the legal requirements regarding the working environment.

In September 2004, Aeon became Japan’s first retailer to sign the United Nations Global Compact. In the same year, we also acquired SA8000 certification , an international standard related to human rights and labor conditions.

In September 2014, as one of our efforts to promote the corporate code, we established the AEON Basic Policy on Human Rights . At the same time, Aeon and three labor organizations, including the international labor body UNI Global Union, signed the Global Framework Agreement on labor practices, human rights, and the environment.

Becoming a True Global Retailer by pursuing Customer Delight Motoya Okada
Director, President and Representative Executive Officer, Group CEO

Aeon is preparing to celebrate the 260th anniversary of its predecessor Okadaya and the 50th anniversary of its predecessor JUSCO, which was established to modernize Japan’s retail industry. As we do so, we are pleased to present Aeon’s first integrated report.
Customers First: The Starting Point of Our Basic Principles
We have always been committed to putting customers first in keeping with the Aeon Basic Principles of “Pursuing peace, respecting humanity and contributing to local communities, always with the customer’s point of view as its core.” We have had a corporate culture of taking on the challenge of change undaunted by risk since day one, in step with contemporary needs and our changing environment.
Strong Growth through Constant Innovation
Major changes are taking place in our operating environment at an unprecedented pace, from geopolitical risks and demographic shifts to technological innovation in IT and other areas. These changes have dramatically altered the operating environment of the retail industry, as customers have come to seek not merely material fulfillment, but also emotional satisfaction. Given these turbulent times, we need to not only look a few years ahead, but also have a long-term perspective on ideal Group management. We need to transform the Aeon Group so that we can transcend past experience and anticipate various changes in the future to truly delight our customers. Our goal is to become a global top-ten retailer both in name and reality by 2025. We intend to do so by innovating to become a group of companies that lead in their respective regions and businesses.
Sustainable Management to Balance Group Growth and Social Development
People increasingly want to be physically and emotionally healthy and live in harmony with their community. At the same time, companies are focusing more on communities while grappling with – and taking on greater responsibility to resolve – issues including environmental degradation, labor shortages, and regional economic disparities. The Aeon Group has been collaborating to solve global problems in order to meet the expectations of customers and communities. Looking toward the 21st century, we established the Aeon Group 1% Club1 in 1989 and the Aeon Group Environment Foundation2 in 1990. We maintain a long-term perspective as a corporate citizen that protects the environment and contributes to communities.

We also recognize that we cannot do business without the living things that provide agricultural, fishery and other products, and have therefore taken the lead in our industry with programs to protect ecosystems. In 2010, we formulated the Aeon Biodiversity Policy and announced a variety of initiatives to protect ecosystems and preserve and sustain nature’s bounty and resources. In 2011, we formulated the Aeon Basic Policy on Sustainability and in April 2017 we announced the Aeon Sustainable Procurement Policy and targets to align procurement with sustainable international standards and harmonize it with nature, ecosystems and society.

At the same time, health is a prerequisite for the happiness of our employees, who are our most important asset, as well as of our business partners and all other stakeholders. Aeon Co., Ltd. therefore became the first retailer in Japan to announce its participation in the United Nations Global Compact in 2004. We have expanded relevant activities by establishing the Aeon Supplier Code of Conduct and acquiring the SA8000 international certification standard for human rights and working conditions.
Health and Wellness Initiatives for Mind and Body
The future of the Earth depends on the intentions and actions of each of us. Moreover, physical and emotional health and wellness are essential to people because health is crucial to happiness. Aeon is a leader in health and wellness because we are committed to our responsibility to protect the lives and lifestyles of our customers. We intend to create new value that includes proposals for everyday life.

We will do all we can to create a prosperous future with a long-term, sustainable perspective as we both generate corporate growth and support social development.

1. Currently the Aeon 1% Club Foundation
2. Currently the Aeon Environmental Foundation
AEON Basic Principles
AEON Code of Conduct
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AEON Basic Policy on Human Rights
Guideline for promoting AEON Basic Policy on Human Rights
AEON Report 2017 (P130-139)「Create Workplaces that Emphasize Human Rights and Diversity」
AEON Supplier Code of Conduct (CoC)
Guideline of AEON Supplier Code of Conduct (CoC)
AEON Report 2017 (P122-129)「Carry out Fair Business Practices」
AEON Report 2017 (P122-129)「Carry out Fair Business Practices」
Global Framework Agreements
Press Release on Conclusion of Global Framework Agreements
AEON Report 2017 (P122-129)「Carry out Fair Business Practices」
Agricultural corporation in the Aeon Group: AEON AGRI CREATE Co., Ltd.
All Aeon Farms are managed in line with Global G.A.P and have obtained third-party certification for the standard.
Aeon also proactively encourages suppliers to manage their farms according to Global G.A.P.
Human Rights Helpline
AEON Code of Conduct Hotline
If you notice something at your workplace that may constitute an immoral or unethical act, or non-compliance with laws and rules, the first thing to do is to talk with your manager. If you find it difficult, use the AEON Code of Conduct Hotline to report the issue. You can be assured that you will not face any disadvantages due to your action. Measures will be taken to protect reporters of an issue or people who cooperate in relevant investigations from being treated unfairly.