Tree-planting in Miyagawa Village (currently Odai Town) , Mie Prefecture

Tree-planting in Miyagawa Village (currently Odai Town) , Mie Prefecture (2005-2009)

The Number of Tree Planting 5
Trees were planted 8,100
Number of volunteers 2,272

Three years ago, Miyagawa Village in Mie Prefecture started to restore forest mixed with broadleaf trees which had been poorly maintained due to the lack of adequate workers who engage in forestry. However, Typhoon 21 in September 2004 induced many debris flows and damaged the forest, which shows no sign of recovery. This tree-planting project is being carried out under a five-year plan (2005 to 2009) in order that the devastated forest can recover its original functions such as landslide prevention, water source regeneration, and carbon dioxide absorption. To celebrate the Foundation's 15th Anniversary, 1,100 participants (750 from Aeon and 350 from Miyagawa Village) met in Miyagawa Village and planted 3,000 seedlings with them divided into three areas on October 16 (Sun.), 2005. This time, each seedling was covered with a hexatube for the main purpose of preventing damage by deer. In 2006, a tree-planting was scheduled for Saturday, November 11. Total 271 volunteers planted 1,000 trees on November 11, 2006.

The 5th time

Date November 15 (Sun.) 2009
Trees were planted 2,000
Number of volunteers 366

The 4th time

Date November 16 (Sun.) 2008
Trees were planted 900
Number of volunteers 191

The 3rd time

Date November 17 (Sat.) 2007
Trees were planted 1,200
Number of volunteers 344

The 2nd time

Date November 11 (Sat.) 2006
Trees were planted 1,000
Number of volunteers 271

The 1st time

Date October 16 (Sat.) 2005
Trees were planted 3,000
Number of volunteers 1,100