AEON Forest ProgramAEON Forest Program
With people around the world, we have and will continue to pass the forest full of life on to the future.

AEON tree-planting activities, which commenced in 1991, are positioned as activities that embody AEON Basic Principles. We are currently promoting three activities together with our customers around the world: Tree Planting by AEON Environmental Foundation, AEON Hometown Forests Program, and AEON Tohoku Reconstruction Hometown Forests Program (Tree Planting in areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake).

Total number of trees planted to date


*The number of trees represents a cumulative total of the three activities. (As of February, 2021)

Tree Planting by AEON Environmental Foundation

We plant trees together with volunteers from all over the world with the aim of regenerating forests that have been lost due to natural disasters or logging, restoring disaster-resistant forests, and contributing to the prevention of global warming. To date, we have planted 2.35 million trees with about 135,000 participants in 11 countries around the world, including Japan.

Tree planting schedule 2021

In accordance to AEON New Coronavirus Epidemic Prevention Protocol, currently we plant trees with limited number of participants. We will announce on our WEB site and SNS as soon as it becomes possible for everyone to participate in our tree planting events.

Tree planting during coronavirus pandemic

Due to global spread of COVID-19 that affected our lives and society, we carried out a new way of tree planting, where there is no need for many people to gather on tree-planting sites.
One of those ways is Sapling Foster Parents Project. We entrusted saplings to local volunteers so that they take care of them at their homes or in schools for about one year, and then planted those saplings in AEON Forests.