Shiretoko Reforestation / Tree-planting Activities

Shiretoko Reforestation / Tree-planting Activities (2002-2006)

The Number of Tree Planting 5
Trees were planted 9,003
Number of volunteers 1,610

The AEON Environmental Foundation is supporting the "Shiretoko 100-square-meter movement" proposed by the town of Shari in Hokkaido. To reproduce the primeval forest lost through development, reforestation efforts are being implemented in a five-year plan between 2002 and 2006.

The 5th time

Date October 22 (Sun.) 2006
Trees were planted 1,546
Number of volunteers 433

The 4th time

Date October 23 (Sun.) 2005
Trees were planted 800
Number of volunteers 203

The 3rd time

Date October 10 (Sun.) 2004
Trees were planted 827
Number of volunteers 120

The 2nd time

Date October 12 (Sun.) 2003
Trees were planted 830
Number of volunteers 104

The 1st time

Date September 5 (Sun.) 2002
Trees were planted 5,000
Number of volunteers 750