Sakura Tree Planting in Hanoi

Sakura Tree Planting in Hanoi, Vietnam (2017~)

Number of activities held 4
Number of trees planted 2,350
Number of volunteers 770

Endorsing the “Hanoi one-million tree planting project,” run by the Hanoi city government, we will plant cherry trees in Hoa Binh Peace Park in order to restore its greenery and in the hope that it becomes a new and renowned site for cherry viewing where local residents will gather. Double weeping rosebud cherry saplings brought from Fukuoka will be cultivated in Vietnam and planted in the park.

The 4th time

Date February 15, 2020
Number of trees planted 650

The 3rd time

Date February 23, 2019
Number of trees planted 1,000
Number of volunteers 400

The 2nd time

Date March 10, 2018
Number of trees planted 500
Number of volunteers 200

The 1st time

Date March 18, 2017
Number of trees planted 200
Number of volunteers 120