Children's World Summit for the Environment (2005)

WTogether with the AEON 1% Club, we will co-host the Children's World Summit for the Environment 2005, which will be held in August 2005 as a side event of the 2005 World Exposition in Aichi. The purpose of the Summit is to provide a good opportunity for children who will be the leaders of the next generation to deepen understanding and exchange beyond the national borders, ethnic differences and other barriers, and think about and discuss the "new global environment." To prepare for this project, two members of the Junior Eco Club of Japan were sent to the 5th UNEP International Children's Conference on the Environment, which was held in Connecticut, USA, in July 2004.

Host body United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)
Co-sponsors AEON Environmental Foundation, AEON 1% Club, Toyota Motor Corporation., Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc., etc.
Dates July 26 (Tue.) - 29 (Fri.), 2005 (4 days)
Venues Toyohashi City, Toyota City, World Expo site, etc.
Participants Four-hundred children from overseas and 250 from Japan who are at the age of 10 to 14 and engaged in environmental activities are scheduled to participate.
Results of the summit A declaration by children will be adopted on the last day and submitted to the minister for the environment of each country through UNEP.